Chaat Man Curry Night at The Odd One OUt

Chaat Man Curry Night at The Odd One OUt

Posted on behalf of Vgang UK

Come along to our pop up curry night where Chaat Man is offering a selection of vegan plant based curry, street food

and dal. Using minimal recyclable food packaging and cooking everything from scratch in small batches, with the very finest ingredients.

Menu and price list
1 x veg curry £4
Mock "chicken" curry £6
Rice £2
Dal £3
Bhel Puri Chaat (as a starter) £3

In the United Kingdom curry rules, it’s even been cited as our national dish. But how many people who enjoy a curry have ever heard of, or tried Chaat?

Chaat is an umbrella term for Indian street food; it covers a plethora of crunchy snacks including Pani Puri, Bhel Puri and Samosa Chaat. With hundreds of snacks to choose from, and as many regional variants, Chaat is as diverse as curry, and has the ability to cross dietary, class and social boundaries.

I encountered chaat back in the 90s while staying in Kerala. One morning while walking through a market I came across a brightly painted wooden cart. Behind the cart was a street whaller selling a crunchy snack made with rice, noodles, potato and onion. As I walked past I got the most refreshing aroma. It was familiar, but somehow different. I could pick out certain spices but knew there was something else; something new, zingy and fresh that I’d not eaten before so I stopped and bought some wrapped up in an old newspaper cone.

Chat Masala is the base seasoning of almost all chaat dishes. It can be best described as fruity, slightly spicy and refreshingly uplifting. After purchasing my snack I found myself instantly addicted and carving for more. I also knew that I’d found a new hobby which would become an obsession, if only I’d had as much enthusiasm for classes when studying at school!

In the UK chaat can now be found on many restaurant menus. And in major towns and cities you can find Indian cafes specialising in this wonderful street cuisine. But outside of those cities chaat is still relatively unknown.

How many dishes do you know that are suitable for almost all dietary requirements? And how many of those are safe for celiacs, contain almost no major food allergens and are cheap to make purchase?

In 2003 I adopted a plant based diet and years later decided to start selling Chaat at Vegetarian and Vegan events. Uptake was slow as most people had no idea what I was selling. However, once people had tried it they usually came back for more.

I then began experimenting with other Asian flavours and started creating unique fusion dishes mingling chaat with Thai, Korean and Mexican ingredients. I also increased the portion size and began dressing the dishes with pureed chutneys, sauces and seasoned yoghurts. Ascetically I’d hit the mark, the new fusion dishes looked amazing. And thankfully, all the flavours worked too, I started to get queues and many customers would return for more or to ask for recipes, advice and where they could find me again.

I now sell my chaat at food festivals, vegan fairs, gluten free expos and local farmers markets. I can set up a gazebo for larger events or can trade from my chaat cart which is made from 100% recycled materials.

21 Apr 2018 at 7:30pm
until 21 Apr 2018 at 11:30pm
The Odd One Out
28 Mersea Road

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