UoE Launch Festival (Studio Performances)

UoE Launch Festival (Studio Performances)

Posted on behalf of Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies

Welcome to the University of Essex Launch Festival 2018!

The Launch Festival is brand new for this year and is made up of numerous performances, displays, readings and much more!

Students have been working on their projects for many months now as these are assessed pieces of work all leading up to these few days!

Please be aware that for ALL performances, there is a strict no latecomer policy.

On the Wednesday, the studio performances are -

11:15 - Lakeside Theatre Studio - Catherine Garton

Details TBC.

12:15 - Lakeside Theatre Studio - Victoria Crow 

Details TBC.

13:15 - Lakeside Theatre Studio - Ryan Cogman - 'Japanese Rakugo'

Japanese Rakugo is a 400 year old traditional of comical storytelling. Through the typical Japanese sense of minimalism, the rakugo storyteller invites their audience into an immersive world of humour and fun with only a Japanese paper folding fan, a hand-towel, subtle gestures and change of voice at their disposal.

Brought to you by a passionate Essex Drama Student, Ryan Cogman will be performing one contemporary and one traditional rakugo story after talking about his experience in Japan in a rakugo style.

14:15 - Lakeside Theatre Studio - Katrina Howat

Details TBC.

15:15 - Lakeside Theatre Studio - Anthony Mouzourides

Details TBC.

16:15 - Lakeside Theatre Studio - Benjamin Jennings - 'Who Am I?'

A piece of meta theatre about a character who is forced to confront his own existence as a character within a play. 

17:15 - Lakeside Theatre Studio - Harriet Spinks - 'Mrs M and the Medea Complex'

The play is a loose adaption of the classic play Medea, where a woman named Mrs M must fight against the painful memories of her past whilst also dealing with a severe case of OCD and Intrusive Thoughts.

18:15 - Lakeside Theatre Studio - Yiga Cowie

Details TBC.

The studio schedule for Friday is as follows: (these will be a repeat of the performances on Wednesday.)

11:15 - Yiga Cowie
12:15 - Harriet Spinks
13:15 - Benjamin Jennings
14:15 - Anthony Mouzourides
15:15 - Catherine Garton
17:15 - Katrina Howat
20:15 - Ryan Cogman
21:15 - Victoria Crow

21 Mar 2018 at 11:15am
until 21 Mar 2018 at 12:15pm
University of Essex Colchester Campus
Wivenhoe Park

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