Alchemy Crystal Sound Bath - Colchester

Alchemy Crystal Sound Bath - Colchester

Posted on behalf of Claire Marie Guckian

In a world that is increasing chaotic, my aim is to create a space that will allow you to experience deep relaxation.

This space will allow you to recieve what you need to in order to align your frequency.

The crystal bowls are quite unlike any other sound healing experiences, let go and allow the frequencies to take you on a journey of rest and relaxation.

If you struggle with meditation or mindfulness then an alchemy crystal sound bath will help you to achieve the benefits of meditation without you consciously having to quiet your mind.

The bowls will bring you into a deeply meditative state.

Let the sounds lead you into deep restorative relaxation and bliss. 

All that is required is that you bring yourself and an open mind.

All equipment such as mats, blankets etc will be provided but please feel free to bring your own and anything else you may need to make yourself as comfortable as possible as you will be lying down for around an hour. 

Early bird tickets are £15 and available until Midnight September 10th. 

Tickets are £20 therafter. 

22 Sep 2019 at 6:00pm
until 22 Sep 2019 at 7:15pm
The Tree Room Centre
12 Trinity Street

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