60 Minute Start Up/Session 2

60 Minute Start Up/Session 2

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60 MINUTE START UP: Session 2/3 in our new programme designed to provide invaluable advice to new start-ups in the creative industry.

As a self employed artist or craftsperson selling your work is key to having a sustainable practice, whether you are working as a fulltime practitioner or subsidising your practice through other employment,  selling your work at the right price will mean you need to clearly estimate the costs of what you are doing and able to set what personal income you want to get from that work.

Pricing you work can be difficult, because its personal and unique there is no real yard stick that you can set you work against, also you are not just selling objects, you are selling part of yourself, your training, skill  and passion are all rolled up in that object you hope to sell – How do you price those things up?.

In This  60 minute start-up we will look at the fundamentals of costing your work for sale, consistency of costing, across different scenarios, overheads, expenditures, profit, commission sales, direct sales and wholesale considerations. Hosted by Pete Jones, Ceramics Artist, Tutor and Co-Founder of Colchester MakerSpace.

1hr Session / 30min social

09 Jun 2019 at 10:00am
until 09 Jun 2019 at 11:30am
Colchester MakerSpace
Trinity Works

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