Study of the Week: Young Adult Attachment Orientations Across Cultures

Study of the Week: Young Adult Attachment Orientations Across Cultures

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ESSEXLab's Study of the Week series is an informal, friendly, discussion-based learning environment where everyone has a say. Its sole purpose is to encourage interest in the methods and approaches used in experimental social science research. On a weekly basis, Lab Assistants and academics from the University of Essex's various social science departments present and facilitate a lively discussion on interesting research projects/articles they come across.

This week's paper, to be presented by Lab Assistant Roxana Dumitrescu, is "Young Adults' Attachment Orientation and Psychological Health Across Cultures: The Moderating Role of Individualism and Collectivism" by Lin, Chew and Wilkinson (2017). Abstract below:

"Claims that adult attachment differences across cultures are associated with individual differences in individualism and collectivism have seldom been evaluated. This study investigates how individualism and collectivism may relate to adult attachment orientations (anxiety and avoidance) and whether they moderate the attachment–psychological health link. In samples of young adults from Western (Australians, n = 143) and Eastern (Singaporeans, n = 146) locations, individual differences in individualism and collectivism were significantly associated with attachment avoidance but not anxiety. As predicted, attachment anxiety predicted worse negative symptoms more strongly among individuals higher in collectivism across cultures. However, individualism and collectivism did not moderate the relation between avoidance and negative symptoms. Results suggest there are other factors leading to the differential moderating effect of individualism and collectivism in the attachment–wellbeing link across cultures. The current study highlights the need to look beyond cultural stereotypes in clinical practice."

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